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Scholar Power

Scholar Power!

This is a local, state and national campaign designed to promote scholarship for our youth. The goal is to increase the number of college graduates while decreasing high school drop out rates and to prepare kids from every community to become competitive in the new global economy.

-Inspire youth to believe that they are capable and are expected to compete academically on local and global levels. Expose them to learning habits and statistics of students in other countries. Erase the limiting and confining concept of viewing others as foreigners. They are neighbors who youth must get to know, understand, communicate with and work with.

-Aggressively improve early childhood education and development. Vocabulary expansion has to be a focus. No time for baby talk(gibberish). Unintelligible sounds trains the mind to think and process that way and puts the child behind from the cradle. Parents should be given and made able to access a list of vocabulary words that they should introduce and teach the meanings of to children by age 2,5,7 and 10. This will be done through a special collaboration with parents. See manual To Raise A Scholar for more information.

-Challenge parents and educators to raise their levels of expectations for students and to intentionally expose them to content, conversations and curriculums that will equip them to truly excel. Math and science must become household subjects of focus. Numbers and formulas rule the universe! We are a performance culture but entertainers don't make policies. Neither do they control the flow of wealth. Fame is not synonymous to power! The academic disciplines required to build families and communities on have to become our primary focus. Succeeding in math, science and technology is imperitive.

-Motivate students by Grade 7 to pledge to graduate with a (3.5) B average or above! Counselors, teachers, parents and students should all be in agreement on this minimum goal and on the plan required to reach it. The plan should include..home study hours per week...library hours per week...limited TV and video game time...newspaper reading per week...global information digest on subjects such as technology, economics, politics, crisis.


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