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Social Justice

Social Justice

This is a local, state and national program which brings attention to the inequities of the social justice system. The goal is to leverage our collective influence to change policies, personnel and processes that facilitates and perpetuates systematic discrimination within law enforcement agencies, courts and public institutions.

-Partner with other social justice organizations by adding our resourcefulness to bring attention to cases wherein there is evidence of discrimination.

-Work with appropriate officials, agencies and other advocates to identify needed changes in laws, policies and practices to ensure best practices are the most predictable outcomes and to more easily identify and prosecute those who choose to operate outside the scope of just and acceptable standards.

-Work in collaboration with other social justice entities to establish a national agenda that encompasses meaningful and measurable goals that can be methodically pursued.

-Some agenda examples include...State Laws against racial profiling with clear an enforceable consequences; Civilian Revue Boards with subpoena and prosecutorial powers; Federal sanctions against states that do not comply with approved and acceptable policies and practices.

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