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Plantation Depopulation

This is a state by state campaign. The goal is to effectively reduce prison rates in each state. This should happen over a period of 5, 7 and 10 years.


-Create and discuss among the populous  the alarming rates by educating people concerning.... the conspiracy behind the economics of the prison industrial complex, the effects of prison on the family, and  the generational disintegration it causes.

-Infiltrate the culture with a self view that makes prison an unacceptable destination and help to identify plans that ensure not ending up there on legal and just grounds.

-Change the image of prison to plantations that are operated to take full advantage of those who are weak enough to be used by a system that exploits and labels them, rendering them less capable of being free in every respect of the word.

-Present alternatives for transforming anger and frustration into positive and productive creativity that demands and wins respect, results in personal, family and community Empowerment.

There will be more development to come for WEPOWERNOW! But for now let's enjoy learning and watching the kids grow.
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