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Economic Empowerment

Empower Those Who Empower Us, Disempower Those Who Don't

This program is to be implemented on a local and national basis. The goal is to identify and quantify businesses, institutions and individuals who deserve to receive our financial, political and emotional support. Simultaneously, identifying those who do not.

-Create an awareness of the longterm affects of entities we empower that simultaneously disempowers our communities has on all of us. Failing schools. A lack of qualitative programs for youth. Too few jobs in local neighborhoods. The loss of political power. These are just a few of the consequences of this self destructive policy and practice.

-Develop a process by which businesses, organizations and leaders are evaluated and given are given acceptable or unacceptable label by wepowernow.  The findings will be publicized throughout the WEPOWERNOW network and through all available media.

-Offer recommendations through which entities can be upgraded to acceptable status by WEPOWERNOW standards. We will strive to make WEPOWERNOW standards the official gauge, like the Better Business Bureau.

-Enlist the support of local and national organizations who will embrace the goals of this program. This will add weight to the program.

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