Dominion Kingdomplex

A Vision by The Community Of Faith Church 

The Kingdomplex is a 50+ acre development that comprises multi-faceted facilities and entities that glorifies God and empowers families, individuals and the community to win!

The cumulative impact of The Dominion Kingdomplex which facilitates scores of programs and ministry projects can not be measured. Thousands of lives are consistently enriched in myriad ways. Homeowner's property values have increased. The neighborhood is cleaner and safer. A neighborhood that once struggled has been revitalized. Economic conditions and the quality of life have improved as a result of The Community Of Faith being "the salt of the earth and the light of the world.â€?

It is our vision to be "a model Community Of Faith that extends God's Kingdom Biblically, evangelistically, educationally, economically, socially and globally.â€? Clearly, this is a bold and comprehensive adventure in ministry that challenges former orientations and requires faith in action.

Embracing our vision necessitates thinking beyond the congregational, denominational and traditional dimensions. It requires Kingdom thinking which transcends all artificial boundaries and human-imposed restrictions, that otherwise limits God's ability to demonstrate His power and glory.

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