The Kingdomplex is intended to be a microcosmic model of the Kingdom of God operating in the earthly realm. It is to serve as a portrait of God's love and power at work in people. It also demonstrates our collective potential. Wherever we live, work, or congregate Kingdom principles of love, faith, discipline and Christian ethics should be in operation.

The Vision Is Happening...

BIBLICALLY (SPIRITUALLY): The Kingdomplex is anchored by THE KING'S DOME, a nearly 90,000 sq. ft. worship and Christian education facility primarily used for preparing and equipping disciples to commit and carry out the mission of Jesus Christ.

Our Yates-Dixon Campus, named in honor of founder Rev. Jack Henry Yates, and the pastor of longest tenure Rev. Charlie Daniel James Dixon, is utilized for youth worship, children's services, Sunday school, and nursery school. We envision a future ultra-modern facility for our kids.

EDUCATIONALLY (ACADEMICS): We presently operate two schools:

Dominion Preparatory Academy is a private, Christian, early childhood and elementary school. It is designed to give children a foundation in the Word of God, upon which Godly character and conduct can be established for a lifetime. It is also designed to provide children with an academic foundation that empowers them to continue on a progressive academic track.

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