We envision Power Start will be a program designed to assist ex-felons with re-entry into society by equipping them with fundamental character building education, mentoring relationships, emotional counseling, job preparedness, employment services, and essential life skills.

RECREATIONALLY: Dominion Park is a developing recreational complex that presently consists of a children's playground, basketball court, and sand volleyball court. Plans are to add a softball field, soccer/football field, a walking/jogging trail, and a community life center.

The Community Of Faith has been chosen by God for a unique work. Our Kingdomplex Vision will be a legacy of our faith and faithfulness. Every member should be inspired by the opportunity to be connected to this life defining vision. We are also thankful for the support we receive through our community partners in the civic, development, education, government, and corporate sectors.

We encourage others who are seeking an opportunity to be a part of one of the most positive movements of our time to choose THE KINGDOMPLEX as a work worthy of your time, talent, and treasure.

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