Pastor Clovis Johnson served the church for nearly three years. In early 1981, he elected to resign. This action forced the congregation to go before the Lord in intense and focused prayer for their next leader. In July, 1981, the Lord revealed the church's next Pastor: The newly ordained, 18 year-old, James Wallace Edwin Dixon, II, a recent high school graduate and grandson of the late Pastor C. D. Dixon.

Against all odds the congregation began to grow rapidly with this young visionary at the helm. His passion for evangelism and outreach was evidenced in the new ministries implemented and programs launched. In October, 1986, God inspired the 23 year-old pastor to lead the church to relocate to 1023 Pinemont; a truly ambitious undertaking which occurred on November 19, 1986. This move marked the beginning of a series of changes and enormous accomplishments. In 1987, birth was given to “The Community Of Faith� concept, which continues to result in kingdom development and expansion. As a new era emerged, the vision broadened to include economic and real estate ventures. A major acquisition of 22.6 acres of land transpired in November of 1990 at a cost of $995,000. It would be the sight for the new sanctuary. Due to its constant growth and reach beyond Northwest Houston, the church is appropriately called "The Community Of Faith." Through its ever-expanding vision, affiliate entities have resulted, namely:
  •  Dominion Plaza
  •  Dominion Preparatory Academy
  •  Dominion Academy Charter School
  •  Dominion Community Development Corporation
  •  Dominion Park
  •  Dominion Estates
  •  Dominion Square Apartments

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