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Apostolic Servant

Are you seeking to globalize your ministry and leadership footprint? Are you searching for ministerial mentorship and covering? Has God called you to touch people beyond your local, regional and national context? If you have answered yes to any of these questions, it is time to connect with Dr. Clifton R. Clarke. Dr. Clarke is a well-sought-after preacher, consultant, speaker, lecturer, Global Strategist and author. He has over 30 years of ministry, leadership, and educational experience, and is highly respected around the world. His global perspective has opened doors for him to speak nationally and internationally at both religious and professional conferences, churches, schools, and universities. If it is time for you to go global your journey starts here. Become a Global Partner Today.

Global Leadership Coach

Do you want to live a life that is interculturally competent and multiculturally relevant? Are you ready to go on the journey with endless global opportunities? Well, every new adventure needs a trustworthy leader. Dr. Clarke is a Global Leadership Coach and Strategist. Global organizations face increased challenges and competition so success demands the best performance that religious and corporate top leaders can produce. Succeeding globally means developing a global view while using local knowledge to understand particular business challenges in markets around the world. Global Leaders need to understand different business contexts and be able to identify opportunities, leading to better business decisions about global markets. Everybody needs a friend to go with them and a mentor to show the way. Your journey to becoming a global leader starts here.

Every year I have the opportunity to speak to people around the world about the life-changing principles and defining moments that have impacted my life as a global leader. I am always excited to make new human connections and form new relationships and bonds.