Praise Reports

- ,NC

God has been on time this week. I had some friends/family invovled in a wreck and thought that 3 had died, but all 3 are alive. Two are doing very well, and one is still in critical condition. She has head trauma, and a cracked skull so be in prayer for her recovery. God has helped me with so many little things this week, makign a park when I was in a rush, giving me someone to go to when my boyfriend needed a job. GOD does so much for me everyday of every week. Lord URS is the HONOR and the GLORY. YOU ARE THE TRUE LIVING GOD. YOU SAVE ME and KEEP ME EVEN WHEN I AM UNWORTHY. You deserve more than my words can ever begin to say. THANK YOU. AMEN

- ,NC

I want to take today and THANK GOD for everything he has done for me. I am not perfect, I am not worthy and I have a boatload of problems right now. BUT I HAVE GOD! I have a roof over my head, a nice car to drive 3 kids that I love, and wonderful parents, and I CAN TELL PEOPLE THAT GOD HAS DONE A LOT FOR ME. THank you Lord.