Executive and Ministerial Staff

Executive Board:
District Elder Maurice Southern, Chief Executive Officer
Sis. Veronica Southern, Chief Operations Officer
Sis. Cynthia Langston, Chief Financial Officer
Deacon Mark Harrell, Chairman of the Board

Sis. Collie Gills, Financial Secretary                                                  
Deacon Board:
Deacon Mark Harrell, Chairman             
Deacon Rodney Benton
Deacon Felix Gills
Deacon Dorian Hampton
Deacon Robert Hampton
Deacon David Holeman
Deacon Ronald Kimble
Deacon Duane Stone                                       Deacon Elvis Terry
Deacon Patrick Walker
Deacon Allen Williams
Deacon Eddie Williams
Deacon Dwayne Hampton, Honorary Deacon

Ministerial Staff:
Minister Dorian Hampton (Associate Pastor)
Evangelist Tina Boone (Chairwoman)

Minister Felix Gills
Evangelist Beverly Green
Evangelist Regina Hampton
Minister Robert Hampton
Minister David Holeman
Evangelist Catherine Hobson
Evangelist Anita Nelson
Minister Elvis Terry
Evangelist Angela Triplett