Kingdom City Church is comprised of 12 Ministry Auxiliaries, whereas we refer to them as "Tribes". Each Tribe is listed below as well as our departments & committees.

Altar Workers (Tribe of Levi)
Children's Ministry (Tribe of Joseph)
Evangelism (Tribe of Simeon)
Fine Arts Ministry (Tribe of Gad)
Greeters (Tribe of Benjamin)
Hospitality (Tribe of Zebulun)
Intercessory Prayer (Tribe of Dan)
Maintenance (Tribe of Asher)
Media Ministry (Tribe of Naphtali)
Pastor's Aide (Tribe of Judah)
Security (Tribe of Reuben)
Ushers (Tribe of Issachar)
KCC Departments & Committees:
Health Department
Men's Department
Women's Department
Marriage Department
Single's Department
Special Events Committee
Mother's Board