Our Beliefs

What We Believe

We believe in Giving our Hearts:  This is our expression of Worship that God has required of the body of Christ.  Our Worship experience has grown to include Praise and Worship Songs, Charismatic Worship inspired by the Holy Spirit, Prophetic and Practical Preaching and Love.  Worship is not worship if an individual does not feel welcomed. 

We believe in Giving our Lives:  It is our belief that Growing in Christ is the desire of God.  We believe that Growing in Christ takes faith that God can restore our lives.  Here at Mt. Zion, we do not major in counting the members that we intake, we major in how many times we give of ourselves to others for the building up and the tangible expression of Christ Community.

We believe in Giving our Resources:  It is our firm belief that real ministry that matters takes money, dedication and networking.  We use our resources for philanthropic opportunities that causes healing to our community.  These efforts include partnering with Local, State and National Denominational Organization, being a title sponsor for the American Cancer Society within our community and working with our local families for food, shelter and clothing opportunities.

We believe in Giving our Dedication:  We are assured that God views his WORD in covenant.  We expressly share with others that we are dedicated to devotion, prayer and the indepth study of God's WORD.  It is by studying the WORD that we more fully realize and know his Son, Jesus.

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