Our History

History of The Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church
337 10th Avenue SouthPhenix City, Alabama 36869
1925 - Until Christ Returns

The Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church was founded in the year of 1925.

The late Rev. Willie Stephens had a calling to build a House for the Lord on Fontaine Road, later renamed 10th Avenue South. His desire to build this church was so strong that he decided to rent a storefront near this site to temporarily house the church. In order to fulfill his calling he solicited members and guest from neighborhood churches to fill the congregation:

Rev. and Mrs. Willie Stephens from Mount Zion Baptist Church; Sister Pearlie Abercombie from Uchee Hill Baptist Church; Rev. Jake Sumbry, Brother Tom Fegans, Sister Annie Stephens and Rev. J. H. Joseph from Pleasant Grove Baptist Church.

From this storefront, rented from Mr. Calvin Spencer, this Mission started and worked faithfully until Rev. Stephens purchased the lot where the church now stands. He built a small church, 20 feet by 30feet. The church was then organized by the late Rev. S. A. Harvey and named Pine Hill Baptist Church by Sis. Paralee Stephens and Brother Warren Spencer. The Rev. Willie Stephens was called to pastor.

The first two candidates for baptism were Sister Jimmie Mae Washington and Sister Lula Brooks.

Rev. Stephens served until his health failed. When his health failed and he
could not carry on, Rev.J. H. Joseph was asked to serve for him. Rev. Stephens passed away December 2, 1927. Rev. Joseph carried the mission forward until 1930.

The Rev. B. J. Brown was called to pastor in 1930. The Church Roll now
consisted of the following persons: Deacon Willie Wright, Sister Ludie Bell Lee, Sister Paralee Stephens Davis, Deacon Tom Fegan and his wife, Sister Anna Fegan, Sister Hattie Pearl Kennell and Mr. Frank Edmond.

The church made a great improvement under his pastorate. Many members were added; the building was enlarged and changed from a wooden structure to a brick one. We also purchased another lot on the south side of the church. Several auxiliaries were organized:

In 1945 - Sister Viola Jackson organized the Senior Choir and Sister Ludie Bell Lee organized the Usher Board. Two of the original choir members are still participating in the choir today. They are Deacon Elias Jenkins and Sister Viola Kelly.

In 1951 - under the leadership of Rev. Brown the Junior Deacons Board was organized. Deacon Albert Kelly and Deacon Elias Jenkins were appointed as Junior Deacons and Deacon Albert Kelly is still serving on our present Deacons Board today. An outside baptismal pool was built in this year (1951) as well.

Rev. B. J. Brown served faithfully until his health failed. On July 21, 1958, he
resigned as pastor and passed away on July 21, 1960.

On September 22, 1958, Rev. Robert L. Walker was called to pastor. Under his administration we continued to grow spiritually, numerically and materialistically. A new sanctuary was constructed and a lot on the north side of the church was purchased. This included our first water cooler and new pulpit furniture was purchased. The membership grew even more. Rev. Walker served nine years with the Pine Hill Family.

In May 1968, Rev. F. F. Andrews was called to pastor. During this administration the church continued to grow spiritually, numerically and financially. Under his leadership we saw a new horizon with the erection of a beautiful new sanctuary in 1972. The Baptismal Pool moved from the outside in back of the church to the inside behind the choir stand. The Educational Wing was also a part of this new horizon. Rev. Andrews resigned in 1979 and moved to Dothan, Alabama. We were once again in need of a leader.

April 28, 1980, Dr. William R. Roundtree, Jr., became the spiritual leader of the Pine Hill Baptist Church. The Male Choir was organized in 1980. He served until the 3rd Sunday in February 1981.

God had shown him another direction in which his teaching was needed.
We struggled Sunday after Sunday until the Lord directed us in choosing
another Shepherd over our flock - the return of Rev. F. F. Andrews. Rev. Andrews was unanimously chosen as our leader in 1983. Under his leadership great things began to happen.

1983 - New organ added to the choir stand

1984 - First copier machine was purchased, floors carpeted, pews padded and the pulpit was remodeled

1985 - The Trustee Board increased to 9 members to include four women

1986 - The Kitchen was remodeled and enclosed; a Bulletin Board was erected in the Educational Wing
A Security System was installed for the protection of the church and The Nurses Guild Auxiliary was organized

1987 - Three lots on the south side of the church were purchased

1988 - A beautiful three bedroom Parsonage was built, and a Radio Ministry on WOKS was started, a bus was purchased

1989 - The Prayer Breakfast was organized and the Radio Ministry moved to WEAM

1990 - A Larger Air Conditioning unit was installed to accommodate the growth of the church.
Handicap Parking was placed on both sides of the church for the convenience of the disabledA Utility House for the Parsonage and a second bus was purchased in October Also during this era the Willing Workers, Young Matrons and Concerned Members, were organized and the Brotherhood Auxiliary was reactivated

1991 - The Youth Choir was formed and the church expanded the Music
Department from one musician to three: a pianist/organist, drummer and a bass guitarist.

Pastor Andrews celebrated his 25th Anniversary, and the church membership increased

1992 - A new copier was purchased, an additional pianist was hired to play for the Senior Choir, a beautiful flower garden and green foliage was planted on the backside and around the sides of the church. A bricked walled flowerbed with a cross imbedded in the middle on both sides was built on the front to add to the beautification of the church. Mr. Johnny Perry and Deacon Albert Kelly donated this flowerbed.

1992 - The church membership continued to grow, baptizing the young as well as the old

1993 & 1994 - The church membership continued to take in new members
under the leadership of Pastor Andrews

1995 - A video and tape ministry was started

1996 - The church building committee was organized with Bro. Louis Perry serving as Chairman

1997 - Two 15 passenger vans and a new piano was purchased

1998 - New office staff was elected, the Deaconess was organized and a new copier and computer system was purchased and the construction of a Brick Memorial Wall was started under the construction of Mr. Louis and Johnny Perry.

1999 - Organization of plans for a new church was started and the balance on the two vans werepaid in full

On November 2, 1999 - Rev. F.F. Andrews, our pastor for 32 years was called home to glory, and was eulogized on Saturday, November 6, 1999 - once again leaving this membership without a leader.

On June 24, 2000 - Rev. Jimmie C. Fryer was elected to serve as pastor of the Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church. Rev. Fryer preached his first official sermon as our pastor and new leader on

Sunday, July 23, 2000 and was officially installed as our pastor on Sunday,
October 8, 2000.

Under Rev. Fryer's leadership we have experienced growth and new life in the Pine Hill Missionary Baptist Church Family:

The Leadership Team was organized and the balance on the church parsonage was paid in full

The Laymen Ministry was organized with Brother David Sanders serving as Chairman The Youth Department Praise & Worship Team was organized under the directions of Sister Shalonnica Kelly, Youth Director
New trainees for the Junior Deacons Board were selected
The Deacons Wives Ministry reorganized
The Male Choir reorganized
The Pastor's Aide Ministry reorganized
The Budget and Finance Committee was organized

New members joined and old members started coming back
On August 4, 2002 - a new phase was begun for the Pine Hill Family. The
demolition of the old Church Fellowship Hall was begun to make way for a new structure that would be called the Fellowship and Educational Annex that would allow additional space for a day care center, offices, classrooms, conference room, a new kitchen and fellowship hall, additional restrooms, a library, a computer technology center, more storage space.

May 2003 - Additional property surrounding the church was purchased to allow for additional parking space

October 2003 - The new building was completed and occupied.

Saturday, November 1, 2003 - The members of Pine Hill held their first event in the new Fellowship Hall. This event was a pre-anniversary banquet leading up to our 78th church anniversary. Minister Freddie Primm was the keynote speaker.

Sunday, November 2, 2003 - Rev. Raymond Cochran of Franchise Missionary Baptist Church dedicated the new annex to Pine Hill members, in a pre-anniversary program.

January - November 2004:

Two additional vans were purchase
New computers were purchased for the technology center
The sanctuary was remodeled with new carpet, new paint, new drapes and
upholstered pews Several new ministries were started to include: The Heritage Ministry, Shepherding Ministry,
Evangelism Ministry, The R.I.S.E. Tutorial Program, Hospitality Ministry, Library, Ministry, Technology Ministry, Video & Audio Ministry, Praise & Mime Team and the Drill Team.

The East Alabama Progressive Association started to hold their monthly
meetings at Pine Hill

The membership roll increased by more than 200 members.
May 2004 - Pine Hill hosted the Youth Rally for the Southeast District for the first time.

October 2004 - Pine Hill hosted the East Alabama Baptist Progressive
Association, Inc., conference and banquet for the first time.

January - December 2005:

March 2005 - A new parking pavilion and storage facility was added

May 2005 - Pine Hill hosted the Alabama Baptist State Convention for the 3rd time

August 2005 - A new flag pole was erected

October 2005 - Pastor Fryer celebrated his 5th anniversary

January - October 2005 - Pine Hill members grew with the addition of 79 new members

January - December 2006:

The ceiling in the church sanctuary was renovated with new ceiling tiles
Major appliances were purchased for the kitchen that included a commercial mixer, and a commercial warmer

A new projector and table was purchased and a projection screen was installed in the Fellowship Hall Two Video Monitors were installed in the sanctuary

A new laptop and desktop computer was purchased
Equipment in the video booth was upgraded
A new air conditioning unit was installed in the Fellowship Hall
Two new rolling 6 by 8 bulletin boards were purchased
The parking lot parking spaces were re-lined and repainted
A double carport awning was installed on the carport at the parsonage and new doors were installed
The backyard at the parsonage was re-landscaped
The membership grew by 125 members

January - November 2007

Pastor Fryer and the Pine Hill Family celebrated his seventh anniversary
New and enhanced video and audio equipment was purchased and installed in the sanctuary

The organ was paid in full - 3 years ahead of time
Two additional parcels of property were purchased. One parcel behind the
church and the other on the corner facing the church
One of the vans was equipped with a handicap lift - accommodating our
members in wheelchairs
The membership grew by 87 members
The members of this great Church are experiencing a new vitality under Pastor Fryer's leadership.

We are experiencing new growth spiritually and financially. As we move forward into the new millennium and the years to come, we know that God has always had His eye on this flock. By His grace and His mercy, we will continue to stand on this "solid rock� as we soar in the spirit, continue to raise the standards, stay grounded and rooted in Jesus.

Every year has been a great blessing for us, and we can truly testify to the fact that God is so goodand that we are a Church Committed to the Cross!