The purpose of the Deacons is to assist the pastor in every aspect of the church where needed.

Deacons Wives & Deaconess Ministry

The purpose of this ministry is to encourage thinking about the church and lead the members into constructive work, to take care of the ministry of God by living a Christian centered life daily; to be a willing servant, ready to serve, to strive to possess the good steward qualities needed and required of a Deacon Wife and Deaconess to reach out and encourage the unsaved ones to become saints of God and witness for Him in a unified effort and assist the Deacons and Pastor when needed


Our goal as Ambassador's is to insure that everyone who arrives for our worship services receive a warm and friendly welcome as they join us. We are the "Front Liners" to let everyone know that they are loved and welcomed!

Nurses Guild Ministry

The purpose of the Nurses Guild is to serve on a humanitarian basis to assist the stricken and the helpless, to give urgently necessary first aid, nursing care and family health and childcare. To impart general advice on problems of health that will help Christians to understand the relationship between spiritual and physical well being, and to supply whatever preventions are needed.

Pastor's Care Ministry

The purpose of the Pastor's Care Ministry is to assist the Pastor and the Pastor's wife when needed.

Missionary Ministry

The purpose of the Missionary Ministry is to promote unity, intelligence and happiness of our homes and to educate the women of our Baptist Churches in the knowledge of missions, home and foreign, and cultivate in them the true missionary and educational spirit.

Shepherding Ministry

Our Mission is to bring glory and honor to our Lord Jesus Christ by retaining, reclaiming and orienting new member into the Pine Hill Christian family as fully devoted followers of Jesus Christ and growing members of His body.

Heritage Ministry

Sunday School