Dr. Ruby Christian


Dr. Ruby Christian is the wife of Dr. Samuel Christian, Senior Pastor of The True Church of the Living Faith (T.T.C.O.T.L.F.), where she serves as Co-Pastor.  Dr. Ruby was born in Roanoke, Alabama.  She was trained and served for many years under the leadership of the founder and former pastor of T.T.C.O.T.L.F., Pastor Juanita Wilson.


Dr. Christian went on to further her education at Grace Bible Collage and seminary, and received her Doctoral degree in Theology and Biblical Studies.  She received her degree in psychology from Kaplan University . Presently Dr. Ruby is enrolled in Liberty University working towards her degree in Marriage and Family Therapy.


Dr. Ruby has been married to Dr. Samuel Christian since July 20, 1970.  She is the mother of four remarkable children, twelve wonderful grandchildren, and one adorable great-grand-daughter.  Their children and grandchildren are all active members in the ministry.


Dr. Ruby received the call to minister early in life, and has been used mightily of God for many years.  Her passion is teaching God's people the practical application of the principles of God, as it relates to building and restoring the family union.  She has been instrumental in the restoration of many marriages.   Her purpose is to empower families to live prosperously in every area of life.


Through years of dedication and commitment to the ministry, many lives have been transformed and restored by the Power of God's Word.