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Learning To Live A Profitable Life
( Dr. Samuel Christian )
If you are not living an abundant and fruitful life, Listen closely as the Lord speaks through Dr. Samuel to show you how to live in abundance.
How To Overcome Distractions
( Dr. Ruby Christian )
Are you stuck and cant seem to move forward? Listen as Dr. Ruby teaches you how to get "unstuck" and move forward toward your destiny.
How Committed Are You?
( Dr. Samuel Christian )
Dr. Christian will teach you how to stand when all hell breaks loose in your family and business.
Defeating The Fear of Failure
( Dr. Ruby Christian )
Learn how to stop sabotaging your family, business and spiritual life.
Grace To Love
( Dr. Samuel Christian )
Do you find it hard to love some people, because of past hurts or abuse? God will give us a pure and genuine love for others that only comes from him.
Lord Give Me A Backbone For This Wishbone
( Dr. Ruby Christian )
Are you praying or wishing God would move in a certain area? God is waiting on you to get a backbone and move out in faith.
Will you settle for less than the best?
( Dr. Ruby Christian )
Are you settling for less than what God has promised you? There is greatness in all of us, including our children. Listen as Pastor Ruby empowers you to be better parents.
Where is your Confidence?
( Dr. Ruby Christian )
Listen as Dr Ruby Christian shows you how to put your confidence in the creator. Leaning to our own understanding causes us to miss the plan and purpose that God has already predestined us to walk in.