Bishop K. D. Collins

Harvest Army World Revival Movement has its roots in Miami, Florida USA. It began as Harvest Army Church of God, from as early as 1990. Harvest Army Outreach Ministries was inaugurated in Falmouth, Jamaica, W.I. in February 1992.  By September 1992, the global headquarters, Harvest Army Church International was planted. The movement then spread to the continents of the world including countries such as England, India,  Canada, Fiji, Ghana, Jamaica, Grenada, Haiti, Trinidad, Nigeria etc.

In 1996 Harvest Army Bible College was inaugurated. To date, 15 books and manuals have been published. Weekly television programs air worldwide with potential viewership of 100 millionin.  Music recordings have been produced.  Hundreds of teaching and preaching recording are available on DVD, CD etc.

As founder under God, Bishop K.D. Collins had an early morning encounter. The Lord gave him the words 'HARVEST ARMY'. The Lord emphasized that the long awaited 'End Time Revival' would not come from the pulpit but instead from the pew.

The world revival movement continues by sending out willing harvesters & missionaries across the world. Many churches have been planted as well as joined worldwide.

In recent years God has sent a special outpouring with weekly eunuch baptisms topping 1,200 in the New York area alone. There are reports of outpourings in Jamaica, South Africa, Haiti etc.. Several more books have been published by other authors, an International seminary established and much more.