1 On One With Damon Davis

Damon Davis is the Chairman and CEO of Legacy Worldwide, a media agency dedicated to serving and expanding ministries through television, radio, and other media.  He is carrying the ‘legacy’, pioneered by his father, Ray Davis.  As his father’s right hand at what eventually became the largest Christian media agency in America, Damon helped serve more than 191 television and radio ministries across the globe. Some of today’s largest international ministries such as Dr. Creflo Dollar, Joel Osteen, T.D. Jakes, Feed the Children, and many more, attribute their success in media to their efforts.

As a successful leader over the last twenty years in the faith-based and direct response industry, most of Damon’s other visionary goals have also come to fruition; he built a humanitarian non-profit named Love Universal, which has notably helped children across the world, including the recent creation of the televised ‘Extreme Rescuers’ humanitarian effort, saving starving babies in Guatemala and beyond.  He has created “American Legacy”, an effort to bring God back into our country, and he has built smartphone software to protect our children from predators.

After two decades of writing, producing, and handling media for many of the top names in the Christian space, Damon this year has launched his own weekly program, 1onOne With Damon Davis, which features interviews with Christian Leaders and the powerful people who helped shape the Christian faith in America.

Married over two decades and a father of five, Damon has become an inspiration and a role model, and a driving force for the next generation of this country’s spiritual legacy.