Ed Citronnelli Ministries


Pastor Ed Citronnelli has been serving the Lord Jesus for over 25 years. He holds a Business Degree in Management from Nyack College in New York, and a Doctorate in Theology from Our Pact Int’l University in Florida. He attended the University of Lafayette in Louisiana, U.S.A. on an athletic scholarship where he went on to play professional baseball after being drafted by the Los Angeles Dodgers. His baseball career took him to play with a professional independent baseball team called the Trappers in Utah, who went on to break and establish the consecutive winning streak record of professional baseball with 29 consecutive wins. Pastor Ed, with that team, finds himself in the Professional Baseball Hall of Fame in Cooperstown, New York. He has held professional positions with global corporations such as Citibank, Metropolitan Life Insurance Co. and New York City Police Department as a Police Officer. Later on he decides to leave behind the game he loved, professional titles and all of these positions to answer the call of God.


Pastor Ed, whose humble ministry began on the streets of New York, preaching with one microphone and a small speaker in front of the church where he attended, has grown by God’s power into an international ministry.  Hearing the call of God, he was moved to hold his first evangelistic crusade in Kinston, North Carolina as a young ordained minister, where he put up a small tent and began to hold meetings every night for 2 weeks. The people began to attend his meetings and they immediately experienced the healings and deliverances that God was performing through his ministry. As he continued his evangelistic outreach to the lost, he held open-air meetings in the south Bronx of New York City with practically no equipment and no money. He built a small platform out of wood and nails, and used it as a platform to preach to his early small crowds there. Many got saved and healed.


Over 20 years later, the Holy Spirit has taken this humble servant to the ends of the earth to preach the gospel of healing & deliverance to thousands. From the United States to Dominican Republic, from Ecuador to Mexico, from India to Pakistan, and in the continent of Africa, in countries such as Ghana, Nigeria, and others making request for his ministry, like Liberia, Kenya, Uganda, Malawi, Tanzania, Rwanda, United Arab Emirates, Haiti and Philippines, Pastor Ed has gone preaching with signs and wonders following his ministry. His massive miracle crusades of sometimes 60,000 people in attendance and growing are marking nations for the Kingdom of God. The sick are healed, the blind see, the deaf hear, the mute speak, the cripple walk, demon spirits are cast out of many, satanic curses are broken and even the dead have been raised, all in the power of the Holy Spirit and the wonderful and mighty name of Jesus Christ his Lord.

Besides his busy international schedule, Pastor Ed also pastors a multiracial church in New York where 21 nations are represented in his congregation. In this church he says, “Though God used me to start the church, I am only the Assistant Pastor, because the Senior Pastor is My Best Friend the Holy Spirit.

In his services, worship and songs of adoration are central and this creates a strong presence of the Holy Spirit. People begin to fall under the power of God and many weep prostrated before the Lord Jesus Christ. A strong manifestation of the Word of Knowledge, Signs, wonders, and miracles begin to take place. Visions, visitation by Angels, supernatural weight loss, and gold dust falling from heaven have been noted. In one service, money appeared supernaturally in an empty wallet. He is very well versed in conducting evangelistic meetings, conferences, seminars, and workshops equipping pastors and church leaders in the power of the Holy Spirit.

These days the ministry continues to expand around the world and the work load increases, but he says that “this is our day, the Apostles had their day and they did their work well, but God is counting on us to mark our day, just as the Apostles marked theirs for Jesus”.

Pastor Ed is married to his wife Carol of 25 years and they have three beautiful, God-fearing children who also serve in the ministry. Justin, Gabrielle & Hannah. As He would often say to the people in his miracle crusades, “Please give a hand of applause and acknowledge my Best Friend The Holy Spirit for what He has done and being here with us”