Kevin McGuinness

Pastor Kevin McGuinness McGuinness is a bold, powerful Holy Ghost preacher who has been ministering the Good News of salvation and healing through Jesus Christ for over 20 years.
Pastor Kevin is the founder and Senior Pastor of the Rockaway Revival Center as well as the founder of the 133 acre “Rock Retreat” in Franklin, N.Y., geared to creating an environment for recreation and fellowship for youth of the inner cities.
Pastor Kevin has a strong foundation and a blessed lineage being raised in the faith as well as trained for ministry by his parents, the late Apostle Tom and Pastor Liz McGuinness, the founding Pastors of the Jesus Is Lord Church.
In 1994, Pastor Kevin McGuinness was extremely humbled and honored when asked by the late great R.W. Schambach to travel with his international ministry for over 5 years, coordinating and assisting with evangelistic crusades, churches, tent revivals and open air meetings in the U.S. and overseas.
Pastor Kevin is married to the only love of His life Olga for over 18 years and fathers three incredible boys, Kevin Tyler, Christian Luke and Hunter Kyle.
To date, Pastor Kevin McGuinness is the Senior Pastor of the Rockaway Revival Center as well as currently serving as the Senior Pastor of the Jesus Is Lord Church since September 2015.